Saturday, October 16, 2010

America Is Full of Germs

October 16, 2010
The princesses and I studied germs a few months ago.  I know that there are some "good" germs.  But apparently we are being attacked by a family ... an army of the really tough mean ones!

At least one of us has been sick since we sat foot on American soil.  Right now, Princess Alexis and I have a yucky cold {with the whole sha-bang}, and Princesses Moriah and Eden have a little cough.  I hate being sick!  Thankfully we have been visiting in Baton Rouge, and we can stay at Prince's parents house till I feel ready to face society.  

As I laid in a warm (a few weeks ago I would not have described a nice bed as warm!) comfortable bed this morning, I listened to Alexis's continually coughing in the next room.  My throbbing head kept saying "that will be the last cough, she's all right."   Wrong-o.  One of the reasons I waited so long in getting up is....I honestly felt that my head might roll off if I moved.  It felt that big and heavy.  I rolled my very round body out of bed and stumbled for the bathroom.  Robitussin and Vix works, baby!  Ever tried putting Vix on your feet?  I'm a believer in it...thanks, mom!  I even put it on Prince's feet when he's feeling "poorly" (as my Grandma says).

Apparently nobody got the memo that mama was sick and life should be put on hold.
"Mom, can you fix me hot cocoa?"
"I can't find my socks"
"Babe, where's my belt?"   Well, the last time I wore it.....
"Can I have a piece of cake?"
"Allie stole my pillow"
"Mom, did you fix my hot cocoa?"   Oh, yeah, that's what I was doing.  {deep sigh}

This was just in the last 10 minutes while spraying lysol in the bedrooms, loading the washing machine and disinfecting the toothbrushes.

I'm a little sad, because we are supposed to be in a Conference in Texas this week.  Prince is going on without us.  Sickness never goes by my time clock!

I think I'm going to put on a lonnnnng movie and sleep in the chair,

P.S. This is an earlier blog about a sick day in Jamaica, you might find humorous and so true!

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Holli said...

Ha! You think Vicks on the feet is grandpa made people eat it.

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