Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Are There Camels in Paris?

Being a mom is so.......(you thought I was going to say special, sweet, rewarding....etc)  Gotcha!  It is those things and so much more, but to be honest I think motherhood is down right exhausting.  {insert a huge exhausted sigh}  I don't think it's just because I feel about 13 months pregnant either.  It's a big job.  With long hours.  I don't care if the kid is as cute as a cupcake.

And write in the middle of all this....and your brain is whistling like a pressure cooker...they ask you a question like, "Are there any camels in Paris?"  (Princess Alexis's question while driving today.)   The way I look at it, there are several different options that come up right now.
Option A {sweet smile}  "No, darling, camels live in the desert."
Option B {half-heartedly}  "Ask your father, dear"
Option C {raised eyebrows} "Well, actually camels aren't native to France, but there are probably a couple in the zoos there.  When you grow up {and become a doctor} you can buy  mommy a plane ticket and I'll check that out for you."
Option D {ignore and pretend the noise around you is to loud} 

We are at a missions conference in {the huge State of} Texas.  After the wonderful service tonight, I took my princesses into the missions apartment and got them ready for bed.  Unbuttoning dresses....pulling panty hose off sweaty little toes..... taking out their hairbows....etc, etc, etc.  

After situating the girls on their air mattresses, I plopped down on my twin size bed.  The clock on the wall reading almost 10 p.m.  Snuggling into a fluffy pillow and wiggling my achy toes I wonder to myself "why do you love high heels so well".  After my 7 1/2 seconds of "me" time, Princess Alexis sits up in bed and says, "Mom, can you cover me up?"

I roll my eyes and say, "Allie, I'm not......."  

Then I catch myself and guilt slams through me.  I remember a post I wrote several weeks ago, while we were still in Jamaica, but I never posted.

(following letter wrote September 5, 2010)

To my little Darling Alexis,
Last night I sent you to bed and went about getting myself ready to go to sleep.  About an hour later I realized that something special had been overlooked.

Every night, after our special time on the couch, I send you to your room.  And every night, you get back up, come find me and ask me to cover you up.  Sometimes it's inconvenient.  Sometimes I'm so exhausted at the thought of walking all the way, through our large home, to your room.  Sometimes I might even let out a tiny groan.

Laying on my own bed tonight, I realized that it is something precious and special that we can share.  I missed that.  The thought of all the many missed opportunities, to show you I Love You, makes tears come to my eyes.  Are you growing up before my eyes?  Sadly, yes.

So, only Kokowawa the kitty, saw as mama tip-toed into your room to cover you up and kiss your forehead.


MomLady said...

Thank you so much for the reminder about precious moments! Being a youth pastor's wife and homeschooling mom (to name two), life gets busy and sometimes hectic and often I am too rushed to "take care" of the little things about my children! I'm sure I have missed quite a few precious moments!! Your post was a "kick in the pants (skirt)" to me! :) My kids are definitely growing up before my eyes!!

My mother-in-law told me today that your family will be at our church over Thanksgiving weekend! I am so looking forward to meeting you! btw, the Jamaican coffee is wonderful! :)

Unknown said...

good post Maria!

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