Friday, October 29, 2010

Road Trip Fun

October 23, 2010
“A road trip ain’t a road trip til somebody throws up!” quote from Jessica Miller.
We just finished an 18 hour trip and I’m very happy to say that it was my last long trip for awhile.  Does anyone else ever experience the weird sensation in your legs that makes you feel like you need to run....really fast.  Sometimes it is so overwhelming I want to run alongside the van {please}.  Yeah, I wouldn’t last long. {smile}
We started in Texas about 6:30 Friday morning.  Things were smooth until about 8 am.  
I hear a weak little voice say, “Mommy,” and I turned to see Moriah white as a {hotel} sheet.  I had just enough time to hand her a Styrofoam cup when “she lost it”.  
Poor baby threw up almost every hour...sometimes every half hour the entire 18 hour trip!  Yeah, we went through a lot of wet wipes.  I tried to help her each time, while humming “Oh Say Can You See” in my mind so I wouldn’t get sick also.  She was a real trooper though and we didn’t have one accident outside of a container!  Pretty much a miracle, if you ask me.  Princess Eden got sick a couple times also....when it rains it pours.  Hummm.
Enough of the yucky talk.  It was just a 24 hr bug because she is running around in the yard this afternoon.  Enjoying the Missouri fall.
We did enjoy hours and hours and hours of Patch the Pirate.  Thank you so much, Heidi, for giving us some different ones!  The princesses really enjoyed them, but towards the end of the trip {I’ll admit} Sissy Seagull really started to get on my nerves with her voice.  {smile} 

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Heidi B said...

Glad you enjoyed them! I can relate on Sissy Seagull. We just finished our roadtrip to Saint Louis and back for Jana's wedding. I'm tired of her high pitched squeal. Glad everone is feeling better. Take it easy and rest!

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