Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hit the Brakes, Dad!!!

Monday, Sept 27, 2010
(Eden and her first memory of Blankie fresh and warm out of a real
 {honest-to-goodness} electric dryer!)

One thing that I've been watching for in every {thrift} store I visit, is a baby carrier car seat.  We had to get rid of ours when we moved to Jamaica.  I love the idea of just lifting the whole caboodle out and tooting it around with me....even though, for some reason, those things always weigh a ton!  I'd priced them at department really have to hold on to your socks!  I was determined.  I would find one at a good price.

Well, many of you know my parents live on an army base.  I was visiting them and dad and I were driving somewhere when I noticed a perfectly good baby carrier with a base sitting by the curb.

 I hit the brakes!

Soldiers and their families are always moving in and out around here....and leaving treasures behind.  As I was walking up to the door, a young soldier came out and said he was just "cleaning out the garage".  I asked him how much for the carrier and he said it was mine!  His baby was a year old and they didn't need it any more.  BINGO!

Ain't God Good?

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