Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New-Fangled "Sink" & Peanut Butter Soap

What does pb soap and a new-fangled sink have in common?  Absolutely nothing in these stories.  Just a couple of interesting instances in the life of my princesses.

It started like this...
Are you ready for a surprise?
Here it is.......not every {thrift} store has a super clean bathroom.  Go figure.... 

It all began very innocently.  We were in one of my mom's favorite thrift stores.  Princess Eden had to use the little girl's room, only there wasn't a "little girls" room.  It was more like an "everyone and his dog" room.

After scaring the flies away from the potty I was happy that the light was dim.  I looked in the mirror and told myself, "you can do this....remember the sanitizer in your purse!" 

I put tp around the rim and then the little princess.  Kneeling beside her (like only a 7 month pregnant mama can do) and patiently waiting for her to "get her groove on" I looked around the room.  Both of us were enthralled at a 5 foot "boy potty" right there on the wall.  I've never seen anything like it.  Princess Eden looked at me and asked, "Wash hands, mommy?"  Not if I can help it!

After supper that night....

"Mooooooom, there's peanut butter all over the soap!"

Ok, I know the most balanced dinner doesn't include peanut butter.  But pancakes with peanut butter sounded so good!  So, since Prince isn't here....we indulged.  Needless to say, a 2 year old eating 3 pancakes slathered with creamy peanut butter and syrup equals a pretty big mess.  I was proud that she washed her hands and face by herself!  Until, Princess Alexis complained about the peanut butter mess in the bathroom.  {smiles}

p.s. A little while later I was dressing her to go outside and realized that her neck was all sticky from syrup too!  Do only mothers of multiple children miss things like that?

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Jeanie said...

For the record, NO!!! It's Mommy's who have more important things in their lives than worrying about every little hint of dirt or stickiness! To my way of thinking, there is a balance, and we try to find it while majoring on the important things in life - like showing our children our awesome Lord and how very much He loves them. You're doing great Maria! Keep your eyes on Him and show Him to your babes!

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