Saturday, October 16, 2010

1,999,999 Miles to Go, My Dear...etc

October 8, 2010
Why is there a wet toothbrush in the nightstand drawer?  Eden is enamored with empty hotel room drawers and keeps finding things to put in them.

The Wesley family has hit the road again.  Mile after mile of  "I'm thinking of an animal..." and "how much further...?" I think Eden identified every cow and horsie between Missouri...Oklahoma....and Texas.  We have to acknowledge that she's really seen them or she continues with "hee-haw, mommy" over and over.   We did pass a field with a small herd of goats.  I pointed them out to the girls and no one said anything.   Josh and I laughed because goats were an everyday sight in Jamaica and so they weren't anything special to the girls.  Not as cool as a real live "heehaw" anyway.  Goats are as common as....squirrels back in Jamaica and roam around freely.

We love hotels!  Bouncing on the beds....someone else does the breakfast dishes and makes the bed....definitely living the highlife!

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Heather ♥ {Missionary Mama} said...

Great picture! Praying for safe travels for you all! Miss ya, friend!
Love, Heather G. :)

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