Friday, November 26, 2010

Just in Case

November 22, 2010
This is a picture of one of my {sweet-smelling} roses.  
In my little flower garden in Jamaica.

I'm definitely, at the stage in my pregnancy, where bending over isn't even a consideration.  Dropping a crumb of cake on the floor.....ehh it will be fine.  Someone will step on it and it will be gone.  Potato know....I think they will disintegrate eventually.  {just kidding, folks.}
Another fun pregnancy stage is the missing mind part.  I found myself standing... glaring into the fridge.  After a while, Prince asked what I was doing.  I gave him a blank stare and tried as hard as I could to remember what I was looking for......ugh!  Oh, yes I remember, it was a measuring cup!
My days are filled with uncomfortable mild contractions...almost constantly.  With my first two babies I only had contractions when it was "the time".  With the third baby, I had little contractions a week ahead, but she was already overdue.

  I’ll admit, I’m very impatient with this one!  With my girls, I was fine going over a week or two.  But, with this baby.....I’m disappointed every morning when I wake up and another day has gone by.  
Every night..... I wash up the dishes in the sink....just in case.
Every night.... I try to make sure there is no wet laundry that needs done up....just in case.
Every night... I make sure that my makeup case is in an obvious place (so it won’t be forgotten)....just in case.
Every night... I wash my hair... just in case.

I'm tempted to lay out the princess's clothes also.  I worry about what they'll show up at the hospital in, if I don't help.   Come to think of it...maybe I should lay out prince's clothes also.  {smile}

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