Friday, November 26, 2010

Raising 3 Princes?

November 20, 2010
Mom and I switched kids last week.  She took home my 3 girls and I took her 3 boys.  My brother Levi is 10 and my twin brothers are 8.
Boys are so different then girls!   One great thing about my brothers, is they sleep in {way} later then my princesses do.  It was so wonderful to get to sleep in for a few days.  {snore}
I made a lot of memories with them.  The first day, we went for a long walk through the timber and pastures.  It was fun seeing things through a boy's eyes and prospective.  They were just sure that the old rusty piece of farm machinery, in the ditch, had machine gun holes in it....well?  And the phrase " hand sure stinks...smells this, sister!"   Well, that's not something I've heard my girls say....yet.  Our walks turned into a daily thing.  It was fun out in the cool air.  We had several hedge ball throwing contests.  I'm proud to say, I can throw further then my brothers!  Much to their shame.  
They took the girl’s animal figures and they became super heroes figures.  The little toy houses became military bases and the animal’s food became bombs and super energy givers.
My favorite memory of the week was on one of our walks through the woods.  As we were walking along, my 8 year old brother, Caleb, slipped his hand in mine.  How precious is that?  We just walked along, not talking a whole lot, but I tried to savor the moment. 

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Jeanie said...

What wonderful memories for both you AND your brothers! I doubt they will ever forget their wonderful big sister. Your right, little boys are VERY different from little girls. They're pretty awesome little fellas! I was so surprised at the difference when I was blessed with my little man! I just love it!

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