Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Raindrops on the Windshield

November 12, 2010
Last Friday the girls bought umbrellas at the Salvation Army thrift store...I know...I’m a big spender.  They’ve wanted umbrellas for a long time.  Moriah told me on Saturday morning that she prayed for rain that day.  The precious thing was, she believed with all her heart that God was going to send her some rain so she could use her umbrella.  
I think it’s sad how adults have such a harder time trusting God, or believing He hears or answers their prayers. 
Out loud I said, “That’s good, baby, keep praying.”
My mind said, “It doesn’t rain much this time of year, and even on the slim chance it does...I can’t let them play in it.  It’s much to cold.”
They kept praying all week.  This morning we rode to town with daddy.  The princesses “knowing” that God might send rain today asked if they could bring their umbrellas.  I figured....why not?  So I let them pack the umbrellas in the car.    
Today is unusually warm.  When came out of Wal-Mart I didn’t even need my coat.  And we cracked the windows as we drove.  A huge change from the 20 deg weather last week!  We were almost home when, what do you think we saw?  Yep!  Raindrops on the windshield!
The girls were very excited and as soon as the car stopped moving they jumped out and opened up those umbrellas!  
Now, ain’t God good?


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! Cute Umberellas! Yes, God is good!!!

Beth said...

This story brought to mind a quote I read once: "Prayer is asking for rain; faith is taking an umbrella."

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