Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

November 10, 2010
Finally...I have my puffy feet resting on the footstool.  As I pull a cozy, fluffy blanket up to my chin I enjoy a few minutes of {precious} silence.
Suddenly a door bursts open and one of my princesses come running into the house like something is chasing her.  
“MOOOMMMMM!!!  Come quick you GOT to see this.”
“Ok, baby, I’ll be there in a minute.”
(For some reason, she didn’t believe me.)  “No, mom, you have to come right now!”
Letting out a small groan, I grab a light jacket and follow her out the door.
What would you expect to find, when they needed me so urgently?  A fuzzy caterpillar? A deserted bird’s nest? 

Around the corner of the house, the princesses had been hard at work building a huge pile of crunchy leaves.  They were so proud of themselves when they showed me.
They spent a long time jumping into the pile and reshaping it.  Then they had a “ginormous” leaf fight.  Resulting in a lot of scratchy leaves down their shirts, skirts, and boots.  Is it worth it?  Isn’t being a kid great?  They didn’t even notice something that would drive me and you “buggy”.

The below picture is my favorite.  {I love happy children} 

Eden didn't care for the {scratchy}leaves 
in her boots and kept dumping them out!


Jeanie said...

I'm with Eden! Never could stand leaves in my shoes!! Teddy and I were just delighting in seeing your sweet girls enjoying the farm and the beautiful fall. Hugs to you all!

imklvr said...

I know this is an older post, but I just found it. Your family (and YOU) always make me smile. I count your blog as one of my blessings. Thank you and I'm wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

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