Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ooh La La Beauty Spa

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Princess Alexis turned 5 years old today.    She celebrated by eating brownies {with sprinkles} for breakfast.  What????  It’s her birthday!  {smile}
We went to story time at a local library during the morning.  The library is something we really truly miss in Jamaica.  I LOVE to read to my princesses and they love to listen.  Many times we take a stack of books and get lost in some faraway kingdom or wild west town.
After the library, I asked Princess Alexis what she wanted to do.  She wanted to go to the park, so we went and bought some {sugary} sprinkled covered doughnuts and chocolate milk.  Then we went to the park, to run off our extreme sugar high.  It is a little chilly here in Missouri today - lower 60ish.  
Next we went back “home” to watch Susannah of the Mounties and make a big dinner of spaghetti.  Maybe I’ll even fix some vegetables.....we’ll see what the birthday girl says.  {wink}
Princess Alexis had received several makeup items as gifts. The girls quickly set up the Ooh La La Beauty Spa. 
“Bonjour, what can I do for you today?”  Moriah
“I want to look like Belle.” Alexis
“We’re going to have to use a lot of lipstick.” Moriah
“Why are my eyes two different colors?” Alexis
“I learned how to do this in college.” Moriah
Moriah wrapped a towel around Alexis’s head and Eden said, “You look like Mommy.”


Gail said...

I agree with Eden; she looks just like you!

Jeanie said...

I agree as well! It's so fun to see your beautiful little doll in my beloved little house! I'm so thankful "y'all" are able to use it and enjoy it! Stay warm and enjoy that wonderful fall weather for me!

Cassidy said...

What a special, amazing birthday! Sweet Mommy making her dreams come true for her little girl!!!
Blessings, Cass

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