Thursday, December 16, 2010

Smells Like Home

November 25, 2010
Dad, Mom and one of my sisters, Jessica all working hard.
Turkey in the oven....mashed potatoes with a lump of butter....homemade noodles.  Yep, I’m home.
This is all of my sisters and brothers (by blood and marriage)...
 except my brother-in-law Jared who had to work.
Eden with Evan Tague (both 2) playing dress up.  
Looks like he's the western cowboy and she's the prairie girl.

The youngin's on the stairs.  

The very special moment of the day is my dad {hollering} for us to look outside.  There were beautiful fluffy snowflakes floating down from the sky.  What a miracle!

Evan, Eden, and Eva (all 2) watching the snowflakes fall.

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Gail said...

Your family reminds me so much of my own. We have four girls who are married and eight grandchildren. Looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Good to hear from you. Gail

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