Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

December 18, 2010
We wish you a merry Christmas......and a Happy New bring us some figgy pudding....we won't go until we get bring some out here...
This is a picture of my family members that braved the 
30 degree weather to spread some Christmas cheer.
What in the world is figgy pudding really?  I mean, I like a good fig newton every year or so...but I don't honestly know if I could get excited about figgy pudding.  At least not excited enough to not "go until we get some."  

We had our McNamar/Starbuck Christmas party tonight on Grandma Grace's farm near Queen City, MO.  Uncle Steve really wanted us to all go caroling to some of our friends and family on the neighboring farms.

It cracked me up to look over at my brother, Jacob, 
using his new headlight to read his song book.

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