Thursday, January 20, 2011

Peel-ing Carrots

Jan 11, 2011
Blink your eyes.
Missouri is gone.{sniff...sniff}
Dry those eyes...the story continues in Louisiana.

We are working hard to get our barrels packed to ship over to Jamaica.  So many BIG decisions....and this mama of {four} little ones is running on so little sleep. 

I'm soooo very excited about what we're shipping back.  When we went the first time, our barrels held bare bug spray and.....medicine.....toothpaste....and TOYS (to keep me sane!).  This time we have things in our barrels that will help us make our house a little more "homey"....{excited little shiver}.

I'm just a little stressed with all the things to think about.  If you find me hiding in the the dark....scarffin' a bowl of frozen whip cream {slurp}...don't be surprised!  I have to take into consideration all the things that I will be needing from Wal-Mart in the next.....long time, then I have to stock up on that, wrap it in the precious plastic surane wrap and shove it in one of the holes in the barrels. 

Prince's mom is such a wonderful "go-gettter".  I'm so glad I don't have to accomplish all this "stuff" without her guidance and opinions.  My sis-in-law Christine came over today and we ducked out to grab a few things from the store.  Princess Moriah stayed home to help Memaw.  As I ducked out the door it sounded like Memaw was "getting it done" she was shouting orders and organizing things. 

Poor Moriah, she was sitting at the table.  Quietly in a voice dripping with sarcasm she said, "I'd planned to go visit the horses...yet what am I doing?  Peel-ing carrots!" {smile}

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