Friday, January 28, 2011

Precious Smiles

Princess Brynlee and her Seahorse

Seeing improvement today.  Baby girl is even giving some smiles now and then.  


Laura Consford said...

Dear Maria,
I hadn't read any of your posts in a while. I just finished reading several of them.
We are praying for Brynlee and the whole family. It is so hard to have one so little who is so sick. It brought me back to the time just after Bonnie's birth when her little life was hanging in the balance. We were in Africa, so far from family and loved ones. But, we knew that so many were praying for us.

Your "Bushel Britches" post was a blessing and an encouragement. Sometimes on the mission field, we get discouraged and feel like we are all alone. But, it is a blessing to be reminded that many people are in the same situations as we are and that God is always there with us right in the middle of the valleys as well as on the mountain tops.
I try to send a daily e-mail while we are on the field. One of my friends said that I would have to e-mail her to let her know what was really happening. I always tried to stay positive and upbeat in the daily e-mails. But, after she said that, this time around I have been trying to include some of the daily ups and downs so that people know how to pray for us better.
Thank you for being a blessing to me!

Anonymous said...

Dear Maria,

We are at WHBC for a couple days and heard about Brynlee during the prayer request. Been praying for you!!! My heart goes out to you! having worked at the Children's Center during college I know exactly what Brynlee is going through.

I second Laura's comment on the "Bushel Britches". In Korea we don't face near the things you all face in Jamica but we have our own set of problems. Praying for you all!

Becky Kowach

♥ Amy said...

Praying for you and little Brynlee today.

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