Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seahorse Ranch

So, we've learned a whole lot about seahorses since my first seahorse post.

The main thing being....
1 seahorse + 1 seahorse = about 180 seahorses!

Well, Prince started feeling sorry for our seahorse after about 2 days.  We thought she was getting to skinny and lethargic.  Prince decided to let her go rather then have her die.  The princesses were ok with this because we explained she missed her "family".  Missionary kids understand this concept very good.  

We carefully put her in a bucket and we all went to the beach.  Prince swam out to the pier and released her at the exact spot he'd found her.  I was sitting on the shore with Brynlee and I noticed he was swimming back quickly.  When he got close he told me that he'd found another seahorse!  Her mate!  We were both shocked and really excited about this unique find.  He took his nets back and went to try to catch them both.  I didn't say anything to the princesses, because the chances of him seeing them again and catching them both were small.  

When he came back to shore with both seahorses the princesses were so happy!   After we got them in our tank we noticed the daddy's belly and wondered if he was pregnant or if that's just how the males look.  Surprise.... just a few days later.

Need a picture?  Here it is!
Cute little rascals, aren't they?  The most adorable thing is they have so much personality.  They are about the size of a small mosquito.  I can't decide which is more adorable...their teeny weeny little snout or their springy little tail!  They tend to gather in bunches and they are always getting their tails caught around each other then they both try to swim away from each other with their tails locked.  It is so funny.  We could just sit and look at them all the time!  We're enjoying the fish tank so very much!
Mommy and Daddy seahorse.  
Actually the mommy is much larger then the daddy.  
He is not quite 4 inches and she is probably 7 1/2.  
Daddy's prego belly. 
Possibly my favorite thing about seahorses.....
the daddy goes through the labor!

Some little Jamaican kid looking at her seahorsie'. 
In the mornings they do a very interesting "dance".  
You see them hook their tails and they'll swim around together, 
for just a couple of minutes, 
then they separate and don't have anything to do with each other 
until the next morning.  

They are all eating well and very active,

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