Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two for One Sale

Saturday, Feb 20
Early this morn, I snapped this picture of Eden sitting on the veranda.  She had her babies and her little nursery all sat up. She'd tried to convince me to make some oatmeal to feed them, but I had to refuse.  Boy, that would've been a mess!

 Princess Brynlee Erin at 10 weeks!  My baby is getting big!  

 Nap time.
I put walking shoes on the princesses and we went out visiting in Spot Valley, this morning, and passing out tracks.  The girls love to meet people and talk to them.  We stopped by to visit one family, in our church, and they had teeny little puppies!  So adorable.

In the afternoon, Prince carried me to the store to pick up some "sweet biscuit" (cookies) for my Sunday School class.  Look what I found there!
Two for the price of one Oreos!   Gold-mine!
We rarely buy Oreos except for special occasions, but I couldn't pass this up.  We've only found the regular ones on the Island though, the double stuffed are really my favorite.  It's been a good day.

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