Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flower-Watering Costume

Tuesday, Feb 22
It is a gorgeous morning here on the Island.  On the veranda, I was snuggling Princess Brynlee, listening to the birds waking up and thoroughly enjoying the cooler breeze.  {deep sigh} If only it could stay like this for a few hours.  

Princess Alexis slowly walks outside and whispers, "Mom, I don't want to tell you this, but, Eden pee-peed on the the bathroom floor."  Ugh!  "Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes, mama, I stuck my finger in it to see what it was." {wrinkled nose}

I stared at her for the space of a few seconds then asked, "Did you wash your finger?"  She looked at me like the thought never occurred to her, then turned and ran off.  I yelled, "Not just hand sanitizer use real soap!"  Yep, I'm in the right house.
Is that a fashion statement or what?

My flower beds fell in sad disrepair will we were in the States.  I lost one of my pink rose bushes.  While out visiting on Saturday, one of our ladies gave me several little flowers and plants to put around the yard.  I LOVE planting "stuff".  Saturday night, the princesses and I planted some green beans, carrots, and sweet corn.  Things seem to grow really well there, if you can keep the bugs from eating them.  Like my sweet corn they demolished in one afternoon!

Princess Eden helped me water the flowers this morning.  
Yes, I know she's wearing 2 skirts.  
She likes to do that a lot.  
Maybe it feels more free...or cooler...or comfortable?
Hum...maybe I'll try it sometime? {wink}   

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