Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Joy Unspeakable Blog

There is a sweet lady who's blog I want to introduce you to.  
Her name is Jessie and she is married to a Cajun boy just like me! 
 Jessie and her husband serve as missionaries in Kenya.  
They are from the same church as us in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  
Not only is she a wife on the mission field
 she also grew up on the mission field.  
So I encourage you to visit her blog and become a follower on the 
Joy Unspeakable Blog.
Let this sweet lady be a blessing to you as you learn about life in Kenya, Africa.
You can find Jessie's blog by clicking Here!


The Lovely in Life said...

Love catching up on your blog. You have a precious family and as you well know, are blessed. Thanks for sharing your friends' blog, I will go check it out.
I'm at http://www.thelovelyinlife.blogspot.com if you're ever interested in seeing some fine art photography amongst other interesting things in life.

Rachel said...

I don't know if I've ever left a comment on your blog. It is a joy and encouragement to read about your family and ministry. Although our family also serves the Lord as missionaries - it's quite a different life than yours :) Anyway, I think I found your blog link through Jolene Sloan or Jessica Curtis. I have never met either of them, but I hope to some day. I think the similarities in our mission fields create a unique bond. They both serve in Ukraine and speak Russian. Our family also works with Russian people (in Estonia) and served in Siberia, Russia for 5 years before the Lord moved us into Estonia.
Anyway...that's how I found your blog awhile back.
Thanks for sharing about the blog "Joy Unspeakable'! I knew she looked familiar. We met them at our home/sending church several years ago. They were on deputation and we were on furlough. It was thrilling to visit with them and hear about their ministry. How exciting that I can follow her blog and keep up with how God is using them.


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