Friday, February 25, 2011

A Walk In {Mi} Yard

Wa'gwan, Boss?
Slip on your flip flops 
and come for a walk 
"'round mi yad".
My pretty little {butter} colored roses.
"Mi pinckney" Princess Alexis beside the beginnings of our garden.  
We planted green beans here Saturday night 
and their fresh little heads are already peeking through!
Sweet Corn (above)
Green Beans (below)

Our {hound-dog} Drago

Breadfruit tree
I {love} all the shades of green.
Coconut Tree
Banana Trees
Bananas....."ya mon"!
Our puny little orange tree
Check out this tree's haircut!  I didn't do it...I promise. 
 It drives me bonkers!!!
I'm really tempted to climb up in it and trim it even! 
It looks like a little boy that needs his hair slicked down! 
We had a gardener come tidy the yard a week ago 
and he only trimmed what he could reach from his ladder!  
This cotton candy colored rose bush smells so nice!
My aloe vera plants.  
A noisy little friend.
This little guy is really good about blending in.  
Each morning when I'm watering my plants they run from me!


Jessi said...

Maria, I love the way you've redone your blog. Those four pictures of your princesses are adorable. Great idea there.

It's Tinyla said...

Love the new pics! I also love what you are doing with your garden. Today we start our garden. I am so excited! Last year it was pidly; but this year we plan to grow one similar to ours in NC. Love you and praying for you guys dialy. - Tinyla

It's Tinyla said...

How do you get the subscribe thing to show up on your blog? I have an account with feedburner; but I don't see that option. Thanks! - Tinyla

Rachel said...

Beautiful yard! We still have piles and piles of snow :( Our temperatures have warmed up to the 20s (F) that is nice :) We are really looking forward to Spring and Summer weather....hopefully soon, but probably not until May sometime.
Love all the pictures you post. Thanks for the tour!

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