Sunday, February 27, 2011

Banana Man

Saturday, Feb 27
We went visiting in the valley today.  We usually leave around 9:30 and visit our faithful people, some "long time no see" people and then pass out tracks and talk to people walking the roads.  The princesses love the days we go visiting because we pack a picnic lunch.  Bologna (our every day lunch), bananas, and usually some sweet biscuit (cookies).  We freeze bottles of water and carry them with us.  We drink the water as it melts.  

When we arrived back in our yard, Prince said that he had to go cut the bananas because they broke.  He used his mach-et to get them down all the way and separated into smaller bunches.  
On an interesting note, I looked up machete in the dictionary: machete |məˈ sh etē|
noun- a broad, heavy knife used as an implement or weapon, originating in Central America and the Caribbean.   ORIGIN late 16th cent.from Spanish, from macho ‘hammer.’Macho hammer!  Yeah that cracked me up!  Men love things that are macho.

Prince and his "macho hammer"....yeah I'm still laughing!
Princess Alexis
Life is sweet, 

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MaryLu Tyndall said...

I saw your comment on the RT blog site and just had to drop by and meet you. So many of my books are partly set in Jamaica... I'm very jealous you get to live there! Having said that, I'm sure being a missionary is no picnic. You have a beautiful family. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you and your husband out. If you have a reading club or women at your church who like to read, I could send some free books your way from time to time.. Anyway, may the Lord bless you as you minister for Him!

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