Monday, February 14, 2011

Spill The Beans

Feb 11
No I don't have some juicy tidbit to pass along!  I literally spilled the beans!  And it made a huge mess too!

Tonight I was trying to organize my pantry and I lifted a big 30 lb bag of rice up on the shelf and sit it on top an equally large bag of beans.  Well, for some reason all that weight made the thin, cheap plastic bag holding the beans bust (or burst) open.  Why didn't I think about that?  They started trickling out like raindrops all over me.   Making a "pop....pop...pop" sound as they fell on the tile floor.  I guess I should be thankful it was beans that fell and not the rice!  Beans are easier to sweep up.  I wish the dog would just eat them off the floor, it would be a lot easier.  He's too picky.  Wait... let me pour some syrup on them then he'll eat them.  Come to think of it, the kids probably would too!

My sweet Princess Brynlee

Tonight, Alexis let out a gigantic sneeze.  I told her to go blow her nose.  Alexis asked, "Do we have kleenex here?"  I told her no, then she said, "Why... don't black people sneeze?"

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