Thursday, February 17, 2011

There's a Chicken Bone in my Seat!

Feb 13
As I was trying to fix my hair for church this morning the battle of hairspray and humidity was on.  With a deep sigh I wispfully remember (not so long ago) when I could wear my hair down and it actually stayed the way I wanted it.  Oh, that was just a few days ago. crying over frizzy curls!  I'm too excited about seeing all the people in church today.  I missed them so, especially my ladies.

No flip flops today.  Come along with me in my heels as we go to church.

Rushing all the princesses out to the van, quickly make sure they all have their hair fixed and clean faces.  Hop into the "running" bus.  (Does anyone else's husband start the engine and wait outside for you?  That really ticks me off and makes me feel like I have to rush faster.   Huh....I guess that's the point.)

We have a different van then before and I'm not excited about the lack of seatbelts.  Riding in the back of the top speed...with prince {supposedly} dodging the potholes...trying to nurse little Brynlee is an adventure to say the least.  You have to brace your feet on the floor to keep from getting thrown off the slick vinyl seat.  If you're a little princess who's feet don't reach the just wrap your arms around anything close and hang on for dear life!

Wow, see those big waves?  The Caribbean Sea, just a few feet away from the road, is really choppy and powerful today.  Don't look to the left!!!!  I told you not to look!  There was a man taking a shower at that water pipe.

Don't  you just love the smiling faces as they climb into the bus?   So beautiful.  I love to hear the cheerful calls, "mornin', miss."

At the school, we start sitting up church.  Some ladies help me carry chairs outside to make my class room.  Some ladies sit up the front of the church, rearranging the pulpit and placing a lovely purple skirt around the base of the pulpit.  Then one lady places a beautiful bouquet of flowers, from her yard, at the front of the church.  More people trickle in and the service starts.  I love church!

After the evening service we had a birthday party for some of our kids.  One of our faithful lady's wanted to bring cake and ice cream for her little daughter's 2 birthday.  I think it is really special that when she wanted to have a party for her daughter, this lady thought enough of her church family to want us to be part of it.  Happy Birthday little Glori-An.

Eden and Tristan are only a few days apart in age.

My m-i-l and I also brought rice and peas and chicken so we had a meal and a wonderful time of getting to know each other again.

My heart was so full by the time we got in the van to leave.  There were so many people {praise the Lord} that all the seats were overflowing.  No problem, mon!  I just sat down on the floor board, with the kids, and tucked my legs up.

When  everyone was returned to their yard, I told the princesses to get up in the seats.  Alexis said, "Mom, there's a chicken bone in my seat!"  Only in Jamaica!

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Heidi B said...

Great post, Maria! Love the pics, especially the first one where the ladies in the background are obviously getting acquainted with Brynlee!

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