Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunshine Break

Feb 10
Ok, I'll admit my home is still resembling a hurricane disaster zone. 
 But you know what?  
The stuff isn't going anywhere and my toes needed some sunshine!
It will get put away soon enough 'cause I hate clutter and un-organization.
Prince took us to "our" beach today 
for a few hours of needed relaxation.
Princess Moriah ready to brave the ocean blue.
Princess Alexis
8 week old Princess Brynlee feeling the Caribbean for the first time.
Baby slings are so great!
Fearless Princess Eden on a treasure hunt.
Princess Eden
Oh, yes, Eden turned 3 a few days ago!  {Sniff...sniff}

I laid the littlest princess down so I could play with the others.  
See our friend, Pin-goosie, in the background taking a nap?
Babies are so cute!
Especially when they start smiling!
I'm sorry....I just can't stop taking pictures of her!
She's just so precious!
Ok, I'm done.
Well, almost.  This is her little toes in the sea for the first time.
It's a good thing this isn't a video, cause she was screaming! 
No....that is not my leg in the background!
Memaw taking the girls for a walk.  
No touch ups...isn't the ocean magnificent?   So blue.

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