Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chicken Food in the Living Room

Thursday, March 31
I have a love of animals.  I think I got it from my dad.
My memories of my dad, when I was a little girl, 
are full of all kinds of creatures 
dad was raising or nursing back to health.
We had different types of chickens, pigeons, quails, a hoot owl once, 
cats, dogs, a coon, a donkey, horses for a short time.... 
I probably could list more if I asked my siblings.

Dad has always been interested in that and he passed it on to me.

I've been {strongly} hinting, since we moved to Jamaica,
 that I'd love to raising my own chickens.
Meat is so expensive here, and our diet consists mainly of chicken.
I also think it will be good for the girls to be around animals.

Sooooo...Prince took me to the farm store, last week. 
and bought me a little box of chirping fluff!

I've waited a week to post about them, because I wanted to make sure I could keep them alive!  I mean, I can raise kids, but chickens aren't very bright.  I'd hate to post about them and then they all croak!  
1 dozen 3 day old babies.

We were so excited when we first got them home.  I wanted to watch them walk around and eat so we spread newspaper on the living room floor and sprinkled feed down.  Prince built me a really nice coop so they didn't stay inside long.  They are pretty messy pretty quick....can I tell you?
They are a little work, but to see it's worth it to see
Eden's excited face, smiling as she says,
"me love having lots of animals!"

Don't get to attached!  They're broilers and we're serving some fried chicken in about 5 more weeks!

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Jessica Curtis said...

Me and my little Lydabug are sitting here ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over them. I would LOVE to get chickens too, but Eric is afraid that all the stray dogs running through our yard might take them. :(

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