Monday, March 28, 2011

Legend of the Red Shoes

Monday, March 28
For me, it was not love at first sight.
Once upon a time...
Little Princess Moriah (then 4) went shopping with Daddy.
When they came home, they were so proud of these 
bright red sneakers 
from the bargain aisle.
I thought they were so goofy looking, just like clown shoes.
I wasn't about to let my daughter wear them in public.
That was a few years ago, and those {horrible} shoes have been passed down to their 3rd royal owner.  I'm so surprised that they are still in such good condition!

You know the story about the cheap sunglasses that you never seem to lose, and the really expensive ones that get scratched 3 days after you buy them?  Yeah,  well believe's true.

All joking aside, my girls have each really loved these shoes.  Princess Moriah believed that they made her run really fast.  I stood out in the hall, this morning, and watched how proud Eden was when Moriah tied them on her feet for the first time this morning.  There is definitely something special about them, and to think Daddy helped pick them out!

Prince and I sat out on the veranda and watched her run around the yard.  
It made me laugh so much that I had to grab my camera.

Go ahead and laugh at them, it feels so good to smile.


Renata said...

Sounds like those are some pretty special shoes in your family! How cute that the girls think they make them run faster!
Have a wonderful day

Our Family Vision... said...

Love, love, love... Our youngest daughter has a pair of converse that she thinks are THE BEST! I wouldn't put them on for anything but they are TOTALLY her!!!

MomLady said...

My girls are VERY into converse shoes and would love these! :) Very cute post!! Enjoy these very much! Praying for you!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

That's so funny! Isn't that just the way it works? The strangest or ugliest things I've owned seems to have been the most reliable or sturdy. ;)
Thanks for the giggles!

The Sommer Family said...

Loving the red Converse shoes! I think there is something a bit special about red!

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