Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hiding From the Kids?

Wednesday, March 9
I'm afraid I'm feeling under the weather today.  Seriously considering hiding from the kids.  I'll leave them a package of bologna and the dog.  They'll be fine.  I just need about 30 minutes to rest my head.....or it just might roll off my shoulders.  I feel terribly dizzy.

Prince had missionary stuff to do.  When he came home the scene before him was such.
Nearly every toy the princess's own laid upside down on the living room floor.
Princess Moriah and Princess Alexis were having a very competitve car race and were loudly cheering on their cars.
Princess Eden clopped around in mommy's favorite high heels her babydoll on her hip.
Amongst it all I sat on the couch, half asleep with a cold rag on my forehead and nursing Brynlee.  I was kinda staring into space and talking to myself.  {kinda...that is}  The ever faithful brown pitcher close to my side.

Do you think I felt any guilt?  Maybe a little.  I always try to have the house cozy and inviting when he returns from anywhere.  My consolation?  I could tell by his green face he "felt my pain".  Offering a weak smile I think he needs the brown pitcher worse then me.

It's gonna be a long day.  I want my mom.


Gail said...

Oh, bless your heart! My daughter who has four children, just went through this (as well as a lot of people). They live about an hour and a half away. I was called upon to come for reinforcements when the "sickness' and the only one who could be in charge was her seven year old! Wish your mom could be there for you. I'm sure she does too!

Heidi B said...

Yuck! Sorry you were sick. It's frustrating to balance being sick and taking care of the children. Makes for a crazy day and a crazy mess. Hope it's over for you and stays away!

Jeanie said...

Been there, cried that same cry!!! I'm so sorry dear one - - this is one of the little sacrifices we can give back to the One who loves us most. I know, not fun, but I guess that's why it's called sacrifice. Love you!

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