Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Girl

My fourth little princess is 3 months old this week.
{sniff, sniff}  It makes me so sad how fast they grow.
I find myself just staring at her and try to tuck all her 
"being tiny
memories into my treasure box.
Baby Brynlee is a real jewel.  She is very content and happy.  
She loves being a dolly and being rocked and cuddled by us all.
She gives lots of smiles, 
but for some reason Daddy gets all the really big ones.
Thank you, Lord, for letting me be her mommy.


Kayte said...

She is a beauty!

raising4princesses said...

You're so wonderful, Kayte. I wish our princesses lived next door to each other. They'd probably be the best of friends!

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