Wednesday, March 9, 2011

{No} Snow Day

Tuesday, March 8
Can you have snow days when you live in Jamaica?  I say, "why not?"

Gorgeous day today.  God measured out just the right amount breeze and sprinkled it with a comforting supply of sun beams.  After getting the princesses breakfast every morning, I sneak out to water my flowers and garden.  I love this early morning chore.
Prince and I had dug up, sorted the rocks out, and carried more dirt for my vegetable garden yesterday.   I was itching to plant some seeds in the fresh soil.  Ever since I was a little girl, growing up in farming country, I have loved the smell of fresh dirt.  I love driving by a field that has just been turned over and taking a deep breath.  I planted more green beans today, some potatoes, sunflowers, and (don't tell Alexis) {whisper} peas.

From outside I heard daddy tell his princesses that if they tidied their room we'd go to the beach.  Yippee!

I went inside and packed a picnic lunch.  We were out of bread so I made a lot of peanut butter and cracker sandwiches.  Then I made some tuna salad for Moriah and I to eat on crackers.  A few bottles of frozen water and some bananas.  A feast fit for some princesses.  Oh and a package of sweet biscuit.
There were so many wood carvers and trinklet vendors there today.  This is not normal.  The marine police wasn't allowing them to walk along the shore line with their little boats full of items for sell.  So they had to stay right on the edge of the resort border and hope one of the tourists would wonder over.  The red crate in the water had live shells in it.
Another beautiful day,

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missionarymomma said...

What sweet memories. I love days like this.

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