Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Berry Loved

Monday, March 7
Prince knows I LOVE little surprises.
As far as big surprises go.... I love to anticipate things.  
                                      I think that's part of the fun.

My husband had left this morning to run to town on errands.  
The princesses and I were sitting on the veranda when he got home.  
I couldn't say "no" 
to the blustery wind whipping the school room curtains. 
 So we decided to sit outside and do our reading.
Prince drove up and called, "Come see what daddy has."
3 little excited girlies forgot what they were doing and ran to daddy.

He handed us a little white box.  
It looked just like the boxes you'd get fudge in at Cabelo's 
(a hunting store in the US). 
When we opened the box it was full of beautiful red strawberries.
He then handed me a ball of wet romantic!
Inside the wet paper was 12 baby strawberry plants.
What can I say, he knows the way to my heart! {chuckle}

He purchased them from a man selling them on the side of the road.
We planted them in plastic pots to start them in until they get bigger.  
To save them from the princesses...and Drago.

We use barrels to catch rain water from the roof to water the flowers and other reasons.
I carried a bucket so my new little projects could have a drink.
Princess Alexis was the photographer for all these pictures.  
She was particularly proud of the two below.   
Notice the tiny hand on Daddy's shoulder?
There she is!


Jessi said...

I love the new background! It fits perfectly with your blog!

raising4princesses said...

Thanks, Jessie

Jessi said...

BJ saw Josh's Raisin Canes shirt in this post, and it made him long for the Caniac meal! Canes and Brunet's are about the only two restaurants that we really miss!

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