Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nancy, Delbert, and {....euwk!}

..... oh, and Fred!  Can't forget him.  Fred is every lizard and gecko the princesses find.  There are Freds on the walls of practically every room in the house, and many Freds on the veranda.  A particularly large Fred fell on Mommy the other night when I was walking down the hall.  I saw him running across the wall in front of me, but just kept walking.  He tried to jump across a corner and lost his footing. Bless my soul, I thought I was having a heart attack as he came sailing down towards me.  I let out a {well practiced} Comanche war cry.  Didn't do much good.  After a full body shake, Fred landed with all feet (?) on the floor and skittered away into the princess's bathroom.  Good riddance!

Meet Nancy the crow
Princess Alexis and I were doing addition in the dining room, this morning, and heard some {curious} noises coming from the other room.  After a few minutes I was pretty ticked at Moriah for not doing her school work and it stomped in there just sure she was horsin' around.  I was pretty surprised to see Nancy sitting on my scrapbook shelf.  Ok, I gasped a little, then this seasoned mom yelled, "Moriah, go get the camera!"  {Quick snap}...before there was a mess to gross to describe!   Then we chased him around the house (and got our physical education class in) until he (or she) finally went out on the veranda and escaped.

We have several black crows around, I think because they like to snitch Drago's dogfood.  We started calling them Nancy after the princess's love of Nancy Drew mystery novels.

Meet Delbert the frog
My (!!!!) bathtub has become home to a very fast little frog.  Or should I say, the tub's drain.  The last several times we shower, he climbs out, hops around enough to hear a few shrill screams then slips back in his home.  Soooo, whenever it's my turn to shower, I watch the drain for about 30 seconds first to make sure there's no movement.  Then I quick as lightening jump in the tub and cover the drain plug.  The girl's have affectionately named him Delbert, after a man who's their friend in Missouri.


Jeanie said...

Hahahahaha! Does my beloved uncle know that his namesake is a frog?? I'm betting he'd laugh himself silly if you tell him. We just got back from a quick trip to MO. I gotta tell you, it was a delight to find things like little pink tshirts tucked on shelves! ;) I didn't know if you meant to leave the 7 dwarves on the shelf on Teddy's dresser, but they looked so cute, we left them there. They just looked like they belonged. The best part was knowing that our little house was a blessing to you all and then hearing what a blessing you all were to Dad, Mom, Delbert, and Ruth Ann. Isn't God wonderful in the way He brings us all together in Him!!! Love you dear Maria - - Have a great day!

Jeanie said...

By the way, tell Moriah that her hunting skills made it so I could quickly throw together food for the carryin at church. Mom got stomach flu on Saturday and didn't really get well until Monday.I so much enjoyed having that nice lean meat for the goulash I threw together. Thank you dear Moriah!!!

raising4princesses said...

Jeanie, you are so sweet and I always get excited when I see your comments. I'm so happy that you enjoyed the deer meat. I miss it so much, beef is very expensive here. Delbert has disappeared. He's probably waiting for me to let my guard down so he can terrify me again! I don't remember leaving a pink shirt on the shelf...but I'm not surprised. My brain always gets realllly fuzzy with all the decisions that have to be made when we get ready to leave the country. The 7 dwarves were left on purpose. I bought them for the girls, but no one really played with them. When we packed up, decisions on what we could bring to Jamaica and what had to stay behind had to be made. I couldn't get rid of those, they needed loved to much. So I left them for another. Maybe Amanda's little boy would enjoy them.
You'll never know how much we appreciate you guys! Love, Maria

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