Thursday, March 3, 2011

15 Minute Flu

Wednesday March 3
Not over in 15're in need of the trusty brown pitcher every 15 minutes.
Nothing breaks my heart worse then the pitiful sound of my girls crying in misery.  
Princess Alexis woke me up in the early hours Tuesday morning.  We had a lot of bonding time.  Me, her, and the brown pitcher.  When dawn touched the sky she was running a low fever and getting sick regularly.  

Princess Eden was a little warm and kept falling asleep (very unusual).  Moriah was not happy when I told her she still had to do her school work even if Alexis didn't.  An hour or so later, Princess Moriah came in and told me her belly felt bad and she didn't want to do her work.  I was pretty sure she was faking so I said, "When you throw up you can stop your school work."  Wrong thing to say.... a few seconds later she did!  Break out the lysol.   All three of my older princesses ended up being sick all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday.  No school, and lots of Donald Duck and Chip and Dale cartoons.  When they were getting tired of watching tv, I got out some pretty puzzles Aunt Rachel gave them for Christmas.  That was a big hit.   

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