Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sermon Beneath the Stars

Wednesday, March 16
When we arrived at the high school property tonight for our regular Wednesday night service, the security guard had not unlocked the set of grills.  This meant the wing where our room is was locked.

Our sweet people quickly assured us, "no problem, mon.  We have a service under de' moonlight."  There are cement tables and benches around for the students to eat their lunches on.  Everyone found a place, on the concrete benches or stools.  Prince (I mean Pastor) found a student's desk sitting beside the building to lay his Bible on and we had our service under the moon beams.

It was a sweet time studying the parable of the wise man and foolish man.

What do I hope to teach you, little princess, by recording this story?  There will be many, many situations in your life that arise unexpected and unplanned.  Make the best of each situation and enjoy them to the fullest.

Don't dwell on the gloomy things like sitting on the hard {cold} bench in the dark.  Chose instead to smile at the twinkling stars God placed just for us.
A {very} crooked picture of Tristan and Princess Eden 
on the way home from church.  
(sharing a seatbelt)
Tristan told his mum, 
"Me want wear a "cord" 'round me neck like Pasta."

Future pastor of Spot Valley Baptist Church?  Who knows?


missionarymomma said...

What did he mean by "cord" a tie? A seatbelt?

Jessica Curtis said...

This post is along the same lines I've been thinking...stars or cold benches - depends on what you're looking at. By the way...LOVE your new banner. :)

raising4princesses said...

he was meaning a tie like Pasta wears. :)

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