Monday, April 11, 2011

All Your Chicks In One Basket

Slip on your flip-flops and come with me out my back door.  

Directly in front you'll see the group of tall banana trees but you'll soon become distracted by the cheep-cheep-chirping coming from around the shed.  I'll let my little chickies lose to run around the yard, while I change the yucky paper on the floor of the coop.  

You just stick with Princess Eden...I'll go do the dirty work. 
No matter how hard she tries, they just keep jumping out of her basket.  
Well that kept her occupied.  
Make sure you watch your step as you go back home,


Unknown said...

Ohhhhhh chickies...How fun!!!! Have fun with that ;)

Alida Sharp said...

oh my goodness, how adorable!! This is my first time here and I look forward to reading more.

joy & blessings,

Unknown said...

So cute. NOw I want chicks for my chicks to play with. Well... I just want one. And I don't want it to ever grow up. 'Cause I don't want a chicken. Just a chick. Better rethink this plan...

mamma3 said...

In answered your comment on my page but I don't know how this works for sure so its there any how.

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