Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bun and Cheese

Saturday, April 23
Day #4 of no running water.  Thankfully we do have our reserve water tank...for such a time as this.  This reserve water allows us to rinse off, wash dishes, and flush the toilets...but conservatively.  {dramatic sigh} The joys of living an adventure.
(This fruit is soursop off of our trees.
We make juice with it and it is very healthy.)

An armful of {truly} fresh oranges!
We had Good Friday services yesterday.  Afterwards we served bun and cheese and koolaid.  Bun is a spicy bread kinda like fruitcake.  You put two piece around a hunk of cheese and you have... a tradition.  I honestly love does Princess Eden.  Prince ate one to be social but that was it.  The other girls were turned off by the raisins in the bread.  Yummy.  I get the leftovers.

We are getting ready for our Easter Services tomorrow.  The princesses and I baked a huge batch of sugar cookies for Sunday School.   In the words of Princess Moriah, "If it has tastes good."  I'm sure they will be a hit.  I've been teaching them a special memory verse and song for the morning service.  I hope they all show up.

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The Lockhart Family said...

Yikes! No running water for four days! We've gone a day or two without it, but four days is a long time. Whenever we run out of water, I'm always ready to do a good scrub down of the house when it actually comes back on.

And, we have lots of (truly) fresh fruit here in Brazil too. Love it!!!

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