Monday, April 18, 2011

Catchin' Flowers

I woke up this morning....correction...I was woke up this morning bright and early.  Lately all the princesses have started getting up around 6:30.  Do you have any idea what I look like at that time of the morning?  Scary.

On the plus side we get so much more accomplished.  One day last week we started school work about 7 and were finished at 9:30!  That never happens!  Daddy treated the girls by taking us to the beach.  This happy mama enjoyed soaking in the sunbeams.

Today, by 8 o'clock I had already fed all the princesses, cleaned out my chicken coop, washed and hung 3 loads on the line, and watered my garden.  I thought...."boy, I'm on a roll!"

              Let's see what else can we accomplish?   {Hummmm}    Something that involves soap bubbles and elbow grease?  I know, we're gonna scrub all the bars on the veranda!  Hot-diggity-dog!  Don't that sound like a truck load of fun?
        Actually to did!
Part princess part spider monkey

The littlest princess did her part by sitting quietly and watching....and sharing huge slobbery smiles with anyone who spoke to her.
Princess Brynlee is such a happy baby.  It already makes me so sad to notice the signs of "newborn-ness" wearing off.  She reaches for things and the girls love bringing her toys to hold.

Eden came into the kitchen and reached for my hand.  She was carrying a plastic container with a handle.  She said, "You want to go outside and catch flowers with me?"  {smile}
Why not?  Sure beats to the dishes! 

Boy, catching those tricky, fast flowers is exhausting!  After a small cold bath Princess Eden went right to sleep for her nap...with her baby.


kim said...

Brynlee is sooo cute!!! :)

Jessica said...

cute, cute, cute pictures :)

Judy Zander said...

You have such a beautiful life! (37 degrees and raining in Iowa!) I can't imagine being done with school by 9:30... we're doing good to start by then! I enjoy all your posts and sharing them with my little Princess Mary that still talks about eating pizza with yours!

The Lockhart Family said...

One of the great things about living in a house with bars on the kids love climbing on the bars too {that is..when we let them :)!}. Such fun!

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