Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Beautiful, You Know?

It's beautiful you know?

An older lady sitting on a wooden crate.  Age and hard work have caused deep wrinkles on her dark brow.  The harsh sunshine kept off of her by a ripped rugged looking tarp stretched across some thin wooden poles.  A light breeze whips her cotton skirt.

The open market.

Some have their wares displayed in crates.  Some in pushcarts or makeshift tables.  Some on another blue tarp spread around their {sandal covered} feet.

I love to see their passion.  Jamaicans are full of passion.  They don't just smile...they SMILE.  After you see their bright white joy you'll understand.   They love to laugh hard and tease.  Yesterday a taxi driver (who between you and me looked a little tipsy) was dancing around and singing on the street corner trying to get people to ride in his wouldn't see that in the States.  Or at least not where I'm from!
We buy all of our fruits and vegetables in the open market.  They are so much cheaper then in a green grocery store.  The down side of that is there is more possible danger in the fast moving hustle and bustle.  You have to keep your eyes open in the {elbow-to-elbow} crowd amongst all the makeshift stands and loaded push carts.  I've only walked with Prince (without our girls) 2 times in the open market, because of this reason.  One time we were standing by our van in a busy place, on the corner from the market, and there was gunfire fired across the narrow street.  It was surprising to me, that instead of running from the shots, the crowd pressed forward and moved towards it!  We left.
I really enjoy watching all the busy people.  To be safe,  the girls and I sit and watch from inside the tinted windows of the van, while daddy gets the groceries. 
(Sugar Cane - a favorite of Princess Alexis)
(Scotch Bonnet - very hot!  Prince likes it on his fish)
We went to a shoe store today to get new sandals for the princesses.  The store was located down a very busy side street, at the top floor of a building.  We seem to draw attention everywhere we go.  I'm not sure if it's just the little white girls or the fact that there are 4 of them.  Each time I go anywhere I have to say, "yes they are all girls and yes they are all mine."  Then answer the {always coming} question, "Are you going to try for a boy?"  

Shoes were displayed by hammering a nail into the sole of one and hanging it high on the wall with the stock number wrote on a piece of paper beside it.  When you picked out your shoe and told them the number they would look to see if they actually had it and in your size.  It took a long time!  We had fun though.  Princess Alexis has been wanting silver shoes for a long time.  

Bargain of the day?  There was a pile of boxes in a basket marked SALE $100.  This is about $1.18 in American money.  Moriah was intrigued by the picture on the outside of skaters.  Inside the box was shoes with roller skates on them.  Do you know how long she has wanted these?  A couple of years!  They had her and Alexis's sizes and the price was definitely right.  I'm not sure how they could sell them that cheap.  But two little girls are really happy.


Jessica Curtis said...

The fruits and veggies look SO delicious! The open air market is one of my favorite places. I wish we didn't live so far away from it now! And WOW! What an excellent deal! And what a good lesson to your girls of God giving them the desires of their heart.

alysia3409 said...

Beautiful, truly, truly beautiful...

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