Friday, April 22, 2011

Know What I Mean, Jellybean?

Princess Brynlee Erin, 18 weeks young
There's just something about a {sleeping} baby.  
Those precious eye lashes.  Smooth "oh-so" kissable cheeks.
And these lips....she definitely didn't get them from me!

A quick view of recent thing-a-ma-giggers that have occupied my {laugh, laugh, laugh} free time.  {laugh..laugh..snort....laugh}  Who has free time?  Know what I mean...jelly bean?  Oh, jelly beans.  That sounds yummy.  Someone eat some for me.

We colored Easter Eggs.  And I mean literally colored them!

 I boiled a dozen eggs, then right away, I carefully gave them to the princesses.
 The crayons instantly melted on the hot eggs, and made beautiful vivid designs.
 It seems like none of our projects are complete without a lil' bling.  So, we whipped out the ol' glitter glue pens.

 After the first egg rolled off the table, I figured out that the paper towels weren't the right holder.  Go figure.  I gave each girl a plastic lid (off of a frosting container) and that was just perfect.  Very fun.

We also made a bunny costume for Grandma Kokowawa (little Kokowawa's Grandma, a Christmas present from Grandma Paula).  A little felt, hot glue, yarn, and 2 pipe cleaners.  We used the yarn to tie them on like masks.
 I made a couple pacifier holders for the lil' Princess.  My mom gave us some mitten clips when we were in the States a few months ago.  They were great then, but we don't need mittens here.  So I cut the clips off of the stretchy elastic, then hot glued a ribbon around them.
 On the other end I hot glued one of those cheap fabric hair ties.

 String it through the binki handle or like in our case...the hole.  Wa-laa.

The "color the eggs with crayons" and the "animal mask" were ideas off of the Family Fun website.


The Lockhart Family said...

Love the idea of coloring on the eggs! It seems so much easier. Thanks for sharing the idea!

The Patriot Chronicle said...

The eggs are really pretty! I'm praying for you! :)

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