Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mr. Crab

Crabby.  This is how I felt when I woke up this morning.

My mind was filled with ...ugly, evil, sinful frustration.
Frustration that the kids woke up way to early.
Frustration that we're out of coffee......that I found a soggy banana peel on the living room rug!
Frustration that everyone wants a different thing for breakfast...and where do all these dirty dishes come from????
Frustration that it's all ready hot in the house...that everyone is talking to me at the same time and asking me questions!
Frustration that there is a mountain of smelly laundry again today...did I mention the dishes?
Frustration that....ok, I'll stop!

My breath was getting deeper and smoke was starting to simmer out my ears.

Quite appropriately this ugly guy greeted me as I sat down my cereal bowl on the veranda!

I know...ewww!  Prince had found these shells in the Caribbean and sat them out thinking they were empty....surprise!  Don't worry, they're expired now.  I'm kinda sad about that.  I wish we could have put them in our aquarium for awhile.  Oh...yes....back to my frustration!

How do we solve this problem? Short of losing your cool and kicking the concrete wall?

Climb back in bed!  But, does a mom of four little kids have that option?
She does if she takes them with her!  So we grabbed a stack of books flipped on the fan and chilled!

When I was a little girl I LOVED my parent's bed.  It was so much more cozier and smelled fresh like mom.  My little princesses are no exception.  Many mornings one of them will try and slip in bed and snuggle before the others wake up.  

We need cuddle time, the  our world is gonna "pause" for a while.

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Jessica Curtis said...

Best place in the world.

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