Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All Because a Little Raindrop

All because a little raindrop.
Because a little raindrop fell from the clouds... 
a little girl's ears perked up.

Because of a little raindrop... 
momma pushed the school books aside and dug for 
3 bright little umbrellas.
Because a little raindrop... 
three little princesses hurried to find their shiny rubber boats.

Because a little raindrop...
three little princesses {clomp...clomped...} 
out the door with an excited scurry.

Because a little raindrop...
the yard was filled with girlie giggles 
and funny little rain jigs.

{love} sisters
Some people at church call it the drought season.  
Since returning from furlough it's only rained twice and 
then only for about 5 minutes.
Our grass is all dried up and crunchy. 
And the garden has to be watered 
to even coax a few vegetables out.
Until yesterday {!!!!!} we woke up to dark rain clouds 
and the glorious patter of rain on our roof!
Thank you, Lord!

1 comment:

Gail said...

Love the boots! They sure could use th here! Lots and lots of rain'

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