Tuesday, May 3, 2011

T' Time {#2}

  Take The Time To... challenge
                             is do something with bubbles!
Bubbles are so magical to a child and super cheap.

Squirt a little bubble bath in their tub then sit right down and let them splash a little.  If they are older you could give them a straw and let them make more bubbles.  My girls {lovvve} bubbles in a swimming pool...but I understand that it's still a little chilly up North.  {tsk...tsk}  No worries, the bath tub can be just as fun!

What is some of your bubble ideas?


Christina Zimmerman said...

LOL...this is so funny...I had caleb in the bath tonight..and went to check on him..and he looked alot like Alexis...only more bubbles..only thing showing were his eyes. :)

Rachel said...

My littlest guy (4 years old) loves bubbles. In fact, I just bought him some the other day. I saw something creative on another blog that I want to try with bubbles.....just waiting for the warmer weather. Our temperatures dropped back down into the 30s {frown}. We even got some snow Monday {bigger frown}. Looking forward to summer so we can enjoy BUBBLES!

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