Friday, May 27, 2011

Becoming a Mother

Happy Birthday, Lil' Princess
7 Years ago today I became a mother.
                        How life changing is that?
7 years ago today, I gave up sleep for the next....well... I still haven't had a great nights sleep.  {blink, blink}

I'd like to think being a mom made me a better person. It's taught me to be more selfless.  More considerate of others and to appreciate my own mother way more.  
I stayed up late and had Princess Moriah's presents displayed on the dining table when she woke up.  Prince and I put together our creative minds and made a doll bed.  That was her favorite present....lil' Eden is so jealous.  Princess Brynlee woke up at 5 to eat her breakfast.  This is unusual.  Daddy always rocks her to sleep at 8:30 and then she wakes up at 6:10 on the nose.  Because she woke up earlier, I  laid her back in her crib, after feeding, and I slipped back under the covers....something I never get to do.  A few seconds later my room was filled with excited little girls ready to start "Moriah's day".  
Prince started singing, "Happy Birthday"...all the while his ulterior motive was he just wanted to cut the birthday cake.  Being the totally awesome mom and wife that I aspire to be....we ate cake with blue frosting for breakfast!
The Grandparents had sent presents back with us.  So Moriah was so excited to get those.  Plus we skyped each of them while she opened them.  Grandma Paula, the boys, Aunt Rachel and Cousin Evan sang her happy birthday.....modern technology is so awesome!

After Prince got back from the gym, he had a surprise for the Birthday girl and Princess Alexis.  He had arranged with a fisherman friend of his, Tiger, to take the girls out on a boat ride on the Caribbean Sea.  This is the first times the girls have went out in the Sea on a boat and they were super excited.  

(Alexis holding a white sea urchin.   {smile})

After they got back from their boat ride, we all went to the ("the" not "a") Pizza Hut for a late lunch.  I love birthdays and pizza!

Moriah-poloza ended with a slumber party on the living room floor.  We piled on blankets and pillows and watched a movie......PAST BEDTIME!

A big heartfelt hug and squeeze to the two special ladies in my world that became a grandmother 7 years ago, Grandma Paula McNamar and Memaw Bonnie Wesley.

I made the present tags from clip art off this cute site called Free Pretty Things For You  She has such cute vintage stuff!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

aw! I feel so blessed to have been "apart" of her special day!
May the Lord bless you and keep you under his wings!

Big Hug!

kim said...


Gail said...

So sweet. Reminds me when my girls were little. When one celebrated a birthday, they all did! Sweet memories. Gail

Kayte said...

Sooooooo great!

PS... love the girls swim clothes... where did you get those? I've been looking for similar suits for my girlies.

raising4princesses said...

thanks, ladies!

Tinyla said...

I can't believe it's been 7 years! I remember when Moriah was born and you and your mom were taking a walk and saw a stork! Fond memories. Glad Moriah had a wonderful day!

aStarToSteerHerBy said...

I love that doll bed! it is so whimsical and fun!!

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