Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreaming of Sweet Smelling Roses

Mother's Day, Sunday, May 8
This morning I was sweetly awakened, on my rose scented sheets, to the sound of soft music playing.  My French maid stood by to help me into my satin robe and led the way to the courtyard where I reclined on cushions and ate pancakes with wild strawberries.  Savoring the early morning sunshine on my face I contemplate, "How shall I spend my day?"

Wait...what is that sound?   The slight sound of a baby kitten?
Suddenly I awaken to the hungry cries of the littlest princess.  {blink...blink}  I stumble down the hall in the {too early} morning sunshine and feel my way to the crib.  It's not even 6 am yet!  Doesn't she realize what day this is?

There I sat trying to keep from going back to sleep (and falling off the chair) as I fed the baby.  Resisting the {strong}temptation to go back to bed I next go to the kitchen to start making breakfast.  {Hush}...walking on tip toes with the baby on my hip.....we wouldn't want daddy to wake up would we?     Hummm???   Looks like it's Oreos and milk today, my little chickas!  We're celebrating.

Mom's day was full, busy, and hot for this mom.  I made lunch, I washed the dishes, I made a pan of fudgy brownies and ate the ENTIRE center out all myself!  I was presented with a glass bottle of weeds (don't tell the princess that!) and precious homemade cards.  It was so sweet to see them rush around trying to hide their projects from me.  And the girls were so proud to give them.

Prince bought me a red rose bush and two orange double hibiscus bushes for my flower garden.  He knows what I like.  He planted the rose bush outside our bedroom window. {romantic}

Dreaming of sweet smelling roses.

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Tinyla said...

Precious. Glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day, even if it did start too early.


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