Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plastic Lined Baby Bibs

(Do With What You Got Project)

The Greek Philosopher, Plato, said "Necessity is the  mother of invention."  Well, his mother taught him well.

Princess Brynlee slobbers.  Not just cute little baby drool, but soak your onesie every few minutes kind!  My last two princesses were nothing like this, but they teethed late.  Because of this I was unprepared for this ballgame, coming to the mound with only a handful of thin cotton bibs.

Sooo, my sis-in-law had told me about some bibs she bought at Target {deep sigh}.  They were cotton on the outside with a plastic liner in the middle.

Sooo, since the closest Target is more then a little hop, skip, and jump away.... I made these.

I made a simple pattern using another bib, making mine wider and a little longer.
I cut 2 pieces of fabric and pinned it onto a piece of vinyl tablecloth.  Make sure that your layers are like this with the {pretty} sides of the fabric facing.
 I pinned my ribbon ties in place and made sure that the extra was in the center of the bib so as not to get sewed up.

 O.K., so you'll never hear me say, "I'm a seamstress." I don't go by the rules and really don't even know what the rules are.  If it seems like "it will work" then I go for it....good thing I'm not a perfectionist! That saying, I serged my edges then sewed it.  Not sure if you should switch those two around, it worked for me.  Make sure you leave a little pocket open so you can turn it right side out.  Then you can just quickly tuck and hand sew up the little opening.
My {happy} little model.

I'm really happy with the way they turned out.  They seem to work and wash fine.  The only problem is I had to use that bright red plastic... 'cause that's all I had.  It shows through when wet, but that really doesn't bother me.  


Jessica said...

Ohhhh..they are soo cute...and your model is adorable :)

Kayte said...

Oh my goodness she has gotten SO adorable! Love your bibs,. You did great. I have those ones from Target but I think yours are better for 2 reasons: velcro always gets yucky and yours are bigger. Way to go, creative girl!

Jessica Curtis said...

These are absolutely adorable! And SO creative! Perfect for your pretty, little princess.

Jessi said...

So cute--the bibs and the princess. I love the huge bows too. It was easy to see that Mommy was having just as much fun with the modeling making everything match!

Tinyla said...

Awesome Maria! I'll have to keep this in mind. Love you!


Lisa said...

Great idea with these! I made some fabric bibs (posted one today) but I'll have to try some with plastic too.

Ashley said...

so darling, love the pics..she is adorable

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