Friday, May 13, 2011

T' Time {#3}

Today We're gonna have a little fun and meet a new friend.

This is my friend Heidi, one of my college girlfriends. 
You remember those girls in college that no matter how little amount of sleep she got or no matter how stressful that test was she always looked gorgeous?  Yeah ...that definitely wasn't me.  When I remember Heidi I think of a beautiful lady.  I don't think I ever saw her without her makeup on or hair perfect.  

Beautiful inside and out, Heidi is now married to a preacher and they live happily in Texas.  God has blessed her as a Mommy to two little ones.
Here is Heidi's Take The Time To..... Challenge

Make a time capsule! A ziploc bag or a shoebox will do!  Take a few minutes to write down what is going on in the world around you (or in your own little world!) Color a picture together, add a recent craft project, or add a snapshot of your family.
When you are finished, slip it in with your off-season clothes, your seasonal decorations, or have dad hide it somewhere in the yard.  Eventually, you will find it and will enjoy reliving memories together!

 I know this picture is old (Thanksgiving shirt) but I am in love with baby boy's hair!  
He is the only blond baby I know and I think he is just adorable!
(Ally and Jason)
Random facts about Heidi
1. 2011 Resolution - to try at least one new recipe each week.
2. She loves to plan and organize anything and everything...from ladies meetings, to her kids toys!
3. She has synesthesia (google it!  It's when your brain "connects" things that aren't normally connected.  Some people connect colors and numbers.  {3 is always red; 4 is always yellow, etc...} She connects numbers and spaces.  {3 is always to her left, down low; while 60 is to her right, up high....}  Wow, rare and unique!
4. Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving - she loves pumpkin!
5. She's been married to her honey for 6 wonderful years! 
Have a lovely day,



♥ Amy said...

Dear Maria,
Just sending you some love today. I love your genuinely sweet spirit, your beautiful girls (and their mama), your love of all things feminine, your creativity (especially how you make do without), your sense of humor (even when facing difficulties), your love for your prince, and your faith in God. You are very special and I am so thankful that God allowed our paths to cross in real life and also in blogland. :)

Love, Amy

Unknown said...

I enjoy these t-times! I think they are just what my girlies and I needed. Also, I think I have that big long s word thing too!!!! HOw funny... all this time I just thought I was weird!!! I connect letters with genders and personalities (s is prissy woman, t is a liad back guy, etc) It really messes me when naming babies. My busband doesn't see why every name starting with F has a negative association with me. =P ANyway, enjoyed this post (and all of your posts really...)

Jessi said...

Heidi, your baby boy looks just like David!!! And I see you in your daughter's face. Thanks for posting this, Maria. It's great catching up with old friends.

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