Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feelin' Soggy

I give up.
The battle with the rainy season has only begun and I'm already weary in the fight.

I slumped heavily against the door post and looked at the rows of laundry strung in and out through my veranda. Ugh.... dirty clothes.  The idea flitters through my head that it might be easier to just take up wearing leaves like Eve.  Less laundry....beautiful phrase.  When the princesses get dirty I just through that outfit out in the yard and go pluck a new one off of the good ole' ba-na-na tree..... sounds like a good plan to me.  Crazy whitie.  My neighbors might complain.

Princess Alexis comes up and says, "I know.  It's exhaus-perating.  Isn't it, mom?"  I smiled at her combination of exhausting and exasperating, crossed my eyes, and said, "Yep."  We looked out across the mountains and there was a mist coming our way.  Alexis asked, "is that rain or sog, mom?"  Sog meaning fog.  My little princess has a new thing now and she randomly asks me, "are you impressed with me, mom?"  For true, she always seems to amaze me.

Hi, we go.  During the drought it is super sunny and  hot all the time....tropical right?  My 1st load of laundry is usually done drying when I start putting my 2nd load out.  During the rainy season flash showers come with no warning and clothes seem to take 2 days to dry...tropical right?  According to my calculations and the vast amount of clothing my children (and husband) get dirty.....we are soon to run out of clean clothes.

As of this moment, there are a few items completely drenched hanging on the line in the back yard.  The rest of yesterday's laundry is hung haphazardly across every available inch of dry space on my covered veranda....hoping to catch a breeze.  While the storm clouds mock me.  And some think that living on a tropical island is all about laying on the beach.

Don't feel bad for me, there is a lovely cool breeze today.


Cheryl @Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Our wardrobes are loosely divided into 2 categories: "go-away, please don't soil your clothes"; and "stay-at-home, get as dirty as you like (but you're not changing!) clothes". This cut down on our laundry immensely! With 9 children still at home, the washer gets a workout as it is.

You've probably already considered this, but is there any way you can string a line inside for those wet days?

Enjoy that lovely breeze and those little girls who soil their clothes... :)

Unknown said...

Rainy season is upon us here in West Africa too. I know the feeling. We finally got our dryer here in Ghana from Ivory Coast, and then it wouldn't work. For two weeks, we waited for the repair man, all the while trying to get things to dry in the rain. The dryer is up and running now, and I finally got caught up, for the moment. Hang in there!

Beth said...

I hear you! Rain for the past two weeks has meant not much clean laundry here. There are only three of us and the piles of dirty laundry are a bit overwhelming I can't even imagine how you do it. I have one clothes rack and a short line on our porch I can usually fit one load of washing on that and then it takes 2 - 3 days to dry. Praying for you!

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