Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mama Got Her Sunshine

Sometimes there are those little glimmers of sunshine that help me get through my day.  You know those days where you feel like a stretched bungee cord ready to {boing} any moment!! Don't act like you never have them.  Well, if you have perfect children and husband and live in an a/c environment with a maid...... nope, I still wouldn't believe you.  

Here is a few instances recently where "mama got her sunshine". {nod head}
{mom lies limp on couch} {arm over on high speed}
a little voice says, "you sick, mommy?"
"no, just stir-crazy"
"maybe you should watch Donald Duck.  Make you feel better."
mom cracks open one eye and asks, "do have have an chocolate?"
"you can have the rest of my piece of cheese."  
{mom eyes limp piece of luke warm cheese.}
"no, thank you.  Mommy feels better."

After a full day of motherhood, mom picks up baby, retreats to the sanctity of her bedroom.  She closes the door and sits in front of a loud fan.  Typically, 8 seconds go by before someone knocks on the door. Mom closes her ears.  What?  You didn't know you could close your ears?  Uh, huh, you can.  My kids do it all the time.  Knocking persists.... and persists.  Nearly 3 minutes go by with the incisive knocking!  Finally mom cracks or snaps (either one describes it pretty well).  "What do you want?  Can't I just have a few minutes of quiet just to myself????"
The knocking stops.   After a few seconds of silence, a quiet little voice says, "I brought you my bankie'"   {awwwww}
Somebody got hugged.
"Mom, you want to......??...??"
{Exasperated} mom erupts, "no (!!!!)  I have to start the laundry... wash the dishes... sweep that floor... clean the bathroom......etc...etc...."  {mom starts running around in tight little circles with hands over her face}
A calm little voice says, "No worries, mom.  Sit down and hold my baby."
Mom takes baby doll.  Mom loves holding babies.  The little princess was right, she does feel better.


Laine said...

So sweet. =) I love it when my kiddos come to the rescue like that. And today is one of those days. I'm just tired! Thanks for the fun story!

Jessica said...


Thank-you for sharing! Definitely had some of those days lately ;)

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