Friday, July 8, 2011

Crocodile hunting on the Black River

We have, veteran missionary to Jamaica, "Papa" Hutchens visiting us.  Papa told us he wanted us to visit the South Coast with him today and take a boat ride.  The princesses were so excited.  I had never been to that area before so I was eager for our adventure to begin.
 Princess Eden dressed herself in the bustle of preparing to leave.  She came out wearing some sparkly Church shoes that her sister recently outgrew.  I tried to hide my smile as she proudly marched on by to the van.  "Excuse me, what are you wearing?"  Her proud little reply was, "Boat riding shoes, mom."   Her sister convinced her that if we saw a crocodile she wouldn't be able to run very fast in these... she changed.
 The German tourist sitting next to us didn't believe this 12(ish) foot guy was real.  Papa said, "Why don't you just go try to brush his teeth then."  Notice the skinny little gate with the  If the picture isn't clear enough, there was only the metal frame....nothin' else!  Yeah, that's what divided him from the sidewalk we got out on.

This guy was hungry.  He started coming up to the boat.

 This guys teeth gave me the shivers....maybe 'cause his eyes were creepy too.
 Did you know: a crocodile holds it's mouth open to let the heat out of his body?   I'm gonna start trying that.

 I took several pictures of the interesting birds, but this guy was the winner.  The princesses loved his hairdo.
 Papa and Eden

 It was a very peaceful and relaxing ride.

 Aren't these nifty?

 Papa and the girls in front of our boat.
Princess Brynlee and our captain.
It amazes me that the area around where we loaded up has businesses and everyone just kinda excepted and lived with the crocodiles like they were common lizards.  This guy was laying up on the concrete dock with a man working on some machinery behind him.  Remarkable.
I'll leave you with this cheesy grin.  Wonder what kind of stories this old guy could tell?


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! We have a place near here where the crocs roam free. Very intimidating! Great pics!

Rachel said...

Awesome pictures!
I am just wondering how the boat ride was "PEACEFUL" with all those crocs swimming around you????
You are a brave lady!
Thanks for sharing your day!

Calling my boys (11, 10, and 4) in now to see the pictures. They will be impressed ;)

missionarymomma said...

Great pictures. We just visied crocs here in Mexico last week. The children loved it.

The picture that most strikes me is the captain holding your baby princess. You would never see that in the States. The change in service is always such a shock o me whenever I visit the States.

~ Blessings,

The Woodfords said...

Loved your comment about your mouth hanging open to let the heat out. It'll make for some interesting pictures anyway!! =)

I too love the change (from Canada and the US anyway) in some different countries of the people's obvious love for children!

I really enjoy your posts, Maria, and your pleasant, joyful attitude in everyday things.

In Him,

Shelly said...

Love those boat ridin' Shoes! Only a true princess would choose them. ;)

It's remarkable how much the vegetation in these photos looks like our's here on the Florida water ways. The croc's grin resembles our gator's grins too. I think the croc's have more scary eyes though.

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