Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Girl Needs

"Mom, when you don't hold me for a week or feels...
        like you've not held me for a week or two."  Princess Alexis
Talk about a 2x4 between the eyes.

At 5 years old, Alexis, is tittering between wanting to grow up and still clinging to mama wanting attention.    She loves being held and rocked and she glows with pride when I acknowledge her accomplishments.   She loves for me to take a minute or two and rock together.
(princess Alexis playing in the rain yesterday)

It is an important part of growing up.

There's curiosity of
life and new adventures
                     but a girl  needs
that secure knowledge
    knowing mama's arms will always be there
              and she'll listen when life gets tough.

p.s. Thanks for always being there, mom.  Love Maria Jean


Taylin said...

Such a sweet reminder! I want to go rock my "babies"!! Honestly, at 24 . . . ok 27, I still crawl into my mom's lap for a cuddle every now and then! Sad or sweet? Oh well, you are never to old to want some hugs from your mom! :)

missionarymomma said...

So sweet, and very true. Hold that baby. They sure grow fast.

Thanks again so much for your editting tips. I went to my Picassa and noticed this little PICNIK button that I had before always ignored. Oh my, it opened my world. I could spend all day on that. Of course, my hubby and children might not appreciate that, but I could that's all I'm sayin' :-)

Sarah said...

We (my daughter and I) just found your blog. She said several times that you have the cutest little girls. I too am a mother of four, but I was only blessed with one princess. Thanks for sharing your heart with so many. I always wanted to be a missionary, but God has had other plans for us.
I could go on and on, but I am sure you have things to do. Have a blessed day!

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