Tuesday, July 5, 2011

T' Time {#16}

Take the Time To Challenge #16 has special guest...Alecia!

Another one of my college girlies.  We worked together in the kitchen my first semester....oh the memories.  Alecia is a Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma...when I told my girls that they were so impressed!  She is one of 5 girls, and now God has blessed her with two of her own little princesses.  They travel regularly but make their home in Kentucky.
"Okay, my name is Alecia Vincent. I am married to John Vincent who a wonderful father, excellent and loving husband and most importantly the Godly leader that my girls and I need. I love him very much. We have 2 beautiful little girls. Rebekah is 6 and in the 1st grade. She is my take charge girl. You can usually find her following along behind her daddy. Kaylynn is 4 and the little mother and mommy's helper.

We travel all the time doing what God has called us to do. We are with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry, in the Prison Prevention department. And let me tell you it has been amazing seeing what the Lord has done. We have had the priveledge of seeing many young people saved and lives changed.

Here is the Challenge!   Take the Time To ....
    Make the Bible Come Alive!

Empty Tombs Recipe - Take a can of biscuits and wrap each one around a marshmallow. Then poor melted butter over each one. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over them and bake according to what the can says. 

While you are doing each step make sure you explain what each step represent. Jesus was put into the tomb and the blood was spilled for all sinners. But when people went to see His body in the morning, He was not to be found. When you open the biscuit it will be hollow. 
My girls love these little treats, not exactly healthy and clean, but sure is tasty and fun!"
I'm loving this idea....and the thought to make the Bible real to your kids.  

If anyone has other neat ideas to go with a Bible story I'd love to hear them!  We serve a Risen Savior, 

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Jessi said...

Very good idea. I have seen that recipe before, but have never tried it yet.

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